About The Art of Safe Travel


Our travel-obsessed Safe Travel editorial team has years of full time travel experience and first-hand knowledge on how to stay safe while you travel.

With backgrounds in travel and law enforcement, The Art of Safe Travel is dedicated to providing practical and relevant travel safety advice and tips for both frequent and occasional travellers.

Our contributors have experience travelling in over 70 countries. Both independently and in arranged travel groups and tours. We believe safe travel is not luck or a coincidence; it is an art. The art of safe travel begins with the traveller.

Travel should be enjoyable, but every day we see travellers expose themselves to risk through carelessness, inexperience or just a lack of awareness. By highlighting potential dangers when travelling, whether generally or in a specific country, we aim to prepare the traveller. To help you put the best possible preventative measures in place to stay safe while you travel and ultimately have better travel experiences.

Safe Travels

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